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SEO is a holistic method to put your brand and product on the Internet at the top of the search engine results lists. Why holistic? Because in order to implement the strategy of SEO, or SEM or SMM you have to draw upon knowledge from the fields of web design or art, marketing, programming, anthropology, algorithms, a lot of reading and research, elbow grease and patience. SEO is just another word for implementing the otherwise well known expression “word-of-mouth”.

Advertising in the yellow pages or on a highway billboard is no longer the way to capture the attention of your intended clients. These days everyone is just Internet savvy enough to use a search engine to find you and if you don’t bubble to the first 10 hits – they usually won’t look any further for you. The most brilliantly designed web pages are not going to be much of a marketing strategy if only search geek experts can find you and not the everyday client you seek.

My life and work experiences match the background needed to implement a solid SEO strategy for your business. I’ve had experiences with web design, programming, marketing and many business types; all required to put the puzzling pieces together for success!


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Wynne Web Adventures SEO
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